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  • Alan Paton: Cry, the Beloved Country

    Alan Paton: Cry, the Beloved Country
    JoAnna: (I asked J what she was reading, and she said this one. She wants to contribute more here, so maybe she'll put something better in this space...)

  • William Cope Moyers: Broken

    William Cope Moyers: Broken
    Zach: Comes recommended by several friends, written by a recovering addict and Hazelden VP. It's been on my list for a while, but the trash fantasy/sci-fi is very shiny and keeps distracting me.

Current Soundtrack

  • eels -

    eels: blinking lights and other revelations
    More in the 4/2 entry, but I really dig this one, too. I have a feeling this isn't the last eels cd I'll be buying.

  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Howl
    I wrote more in the 4/2 entry, but I want to proselytize to the world and get everybody to listen to this. It fills a gap in my musical needs that I didn't know I had.

  • Mike Doughty -

    Mike Doughty: Haughty Melodic
    Sounds like Soul Coughing if its creative force had aged ten years and mellowed and gained perspective that enriched his song-writing. Oh, wait... It still has clever lyrics with some real earworms -- it's been a daily play since I picked it up.